Case Study: Documenting Scientific Advisory Boards for a Pharmaceutical Company

Metaphase Health Research Consulting Inc. prepares concise, scientifically-accurate reports from pharmaceutical Scientific Advisory Board and consultancy meetings, while understanding and complying with issues of confidentiality.


A pharmaceutical company asked Metaphase to document a Scientific Advisory Board meeting and to capture key recommendations in an executive summary. The meeting consisted of expert presentations, case studies and discussion. The information discussed was highly sensitive and confidential in nature.


Prior to the meeting, Metaphase reviewed several key publications to become aware of the current issues in the subject area. Metaphase attended the meeting and recorded the presentations and discussion. After reviewing the notes and recordings, Metaphase created a concise but complete summary of the meeting proceedings, captured the key points and importantly, the nuances of the discussion.

The client’s Medical Liaison Officer, the meeting chairperson and other key company representatives reviewed and approved the report. All notes, recordings and files were destroyed after the meeting to ensure client confidentiality.


A large amount of complex, and sometimes conflicting information needed to be condensed and documented without losing key issues or messages.


The client obtained a clear, scientifically accurate and concise summary of the meeting, with the key recommendations highlighted, and contentious points noted. One client commented that it was the "best report he had read". Client confidentiality was assured.

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