Case Study: Web Stories and Press Releases for a Hospital Research Institute

Metaphase Health Research Consulting Inc. prepares concise, scientifically accurate press releases to communicate the results of scientific and medical research to the public.


A hospital research institute required several press releases to announce the upcoming publication of important research breakthroughs.


For each press release, Metaphase carefully reviewed the embargoed research publications. Metaphase conducted a brief telephone interview with the lead scientist involved in the study to obtain quotes, validate assumptions and to discuss breakthrough implications. Once the articles (generally between 800 - 1000 words) were completed, Metaphase worked with the scientists to validate the content and approve the quotes.


The press releases had very tight publication deadlines, and staff resources were stretched. Metaphase was able to focus on the press releases, reducing internal resource pressures, and complete them in time.


The research breakthroughs were communicated to a public audience, the scientists felt that their work was accurately represented, and the client met their publication deadlines.

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